About Us

Founded in 2020, Warhorse Built was born out of the fire of patriotism and service. We are a company that strives to provide our customers with quality apparel and products that embody the strength and courage that is the American fighting spirit.

The name Warhorse Built comes from the desire to be the hardest worker day in and day out. To be the workhorse that is ready to go into battle every day. To take on whatever life throws at you. Face your challenges, insecurities or shortfalls and come out a better person than you were yesterday. It is about building yourself up and pushing yourself until failure. And when failure strikes, when you’re uncomfortable and tired; get back up and overcome that adversity. Forge yourself in the fire of dedication and the desire to win the war of life every single day because you are Warhorse Built.

We are a veteran owned and operated organization that takes pride in our products and even more so in the community of patriotic Americans that we aim to serve.